Management Services

We are acutely aware of the demands associates with the management of a property. We provide a comprehensive service, which will deal with all aspects of management and remove from the owner, the need for any involvement on a day-to-day basis.

The various aspects of your property management are listed below:


The Renting of your property is treated as a priority by McLoughlin Barry Property Management to ensure maximum return from your investment: we aim to keep your property occupied at all times.

Rent Collection

The rent is collected monthly in advance and is deposited to your designated account. Any overdue rent payments are rigorously pursued with 3 days of due date.

Quarterly Inspections

Your property will be inspected on a quarterly basis. We consider that frequent visits by our management personnel are one of the most important aspects of our service. It gives us an opportunity to check the condition of the house and of course, it gives you peace of mind.

Financial Statements

You will receive quarterly statements of income and if requested a year-end statement of income for tax purposes.


If at any time the need arises to undertake repairs to the house or to arrange for repair of any applicances we will arrange to have work completed by one of our approved contractors. We are equally happy to deal with any contractor nominated by you. We will keep you informed of the need for any major expenditure and we will adhere strictly to your instructions on expenditure.

End of Tenancy

We will inspect your property at the end of tenancy and arrange for return of deposit to your tenant. We will deal with any queries that may arise at this time and arrange any cleaning etc. that may be necessary.

Transfer of Utility Bills

We will oversee the transfer of all bills from your name to that of your tenant.
We will need a copy of previous bills to transfer ultility accounts.

Insurance Claims

We will deal with any insurance claims that may arise during the course of letting.


The fee for full management is 10% ARI (Annual Rental Income) per annum plus VAT.

If a management agreement is to be terminated, three months notice to McLoughlin Barry Property Management will be required.

Other Services

For the owners who may require a complete refurbishment service for their property, McLoughlin Barry Property Management will be happy to offer this service for 10% of the costs.

Tax Benefits

All management fees may be tax deductible, as will some of the other costs associated with the rental of your property. For further advice you should seek professional guidance either from your accountant or tax advisor.

You are welcome to call to our management office to discuss any queries you may have. Eric, Anne and Noelle are available at 82 South Main St. from 09.00am – 05.30pm on 021 4222888 or mobile 087 9909390 and 087 9918290 respectively.