We are proud of the professional services we offer:

  • Free rental evaluation
  • Extensive list of quality prospective tenants
  • Comprehensive letting/management service
  • We check both work and previous Landlord References
  • We check their credit rating
  • The drawing up of tenancy agreements
  • Competitive prices maintenance team
  • Security and peace of mind from dealing with a Qualified and Professional team

Comprehensive Letting Service

Standard Terms and Conditions


Every property is deferent, with a varied appeal to potential tenants. McLoughlin Barry Property Management must evaluate each property for its potential rental income. Only discussion with the Landlord and a personal inspection of the property by McLoughlin Barry staff can set the scene for a successful letting.


Knowing and understanding what tenants expect in today’s market McLoughlin Barry Property Management will advice what rent can be expected. Our staff will also suggest any small improvements that might assist in letting the property. We also advice the landlords who are considering letting their properties unfurnished. Personal possessions should be removed, but the property should retain a lived in and homely appearance.

Marketing your Property to Let

After an initial visit to your property where rent and length of lease has been established, letting particulars are prepared. We display an internal and window display. We add details of your property to our website and on daft.ie. We always accompany potential tenants when viewing the property. For this reason we require a key to ensure that we can view your property at all times. We advertise daily on local press and on the internet and your property will be included at regular intervals until a suitable tenant is found.


Once the tenant views the property and decides that they want to make an offer, we seek references to ensure payment of rent and previous landlord references or parental guarantees or solicitor references from those who have not rented property before.

Tenancy Agreement

McLoughlin Barry Property Management draw up a tenancy agreement between the Landlord and Tenant. Both sign three copies that we countersign as witnesses. The Landlord receives a copy as do the tenants and a copy is kept on file in the office.


Gas, Electricity and Telephone supplies are normally transferred into the tenants name at the commencement of the tenancy. Landlords are advised and reminded to check account to ensure utilities have been transferred.

For our management service we will require a copy of old ESB, Gas and Phone bills if applicable, to transfer the accounts.


First time Landlords should ensure that all appliances are in good working order. The cost of faulty appliances is borne by the landlord except where work to be carried out has resulted from neglect or damage caused by the tenants.

We provide a service where if maintenance or works need to be carried out, we can oversee this at a charge of 10% of the cost of the works.


To protect your property staff of McLoughlin Barry Property Management will draw an up to date inventory.


One month’s deposit is collected from the tenant at the commencement of the tenancy. This deposit is lodged into the Landlords account and will be returned at the end of the tenancy. This deposit can be used to repair or replace any damaged items other than normal wear and tear of the property.

New Tenancy Agreement

McLoughlin Barry Property Management where instructed will draw up an new tenancy agreement where the original tenant wishes to remain in the property.

Protecting your Investment

As you can see from the above letting procedure we take the responsibility of letting very seriously. We feel it necessary to point out that if the landlord decides to take the management to rent collection services then he needs to remember that both collecting the rent or checking the bank accounts are important.

Letting Fee

Twelve month Letting Fee of 6% ARI (Annual Rental Income) plus VAT.

You are welcome to call our management office to discuss any queries you may have.